When seconds count, physician anesthesiologists save lives.

During a medical crisis, physician anesthesiologists often have to make crucial decisions when a routine procedure becomes complicated, making every second count.

The training physician anesthesiologists receive makes them uniquely qualified pain medicine experts who work outside of the operating room to diagnose, evaluate and treat patients who suffer from pain. Physician anesthesiologists use a comprehensive approach that can include medication and pain control procedures, whether the pain is a result of an accident or incident, ongoing pain caused by a medical condition or pain experienced by some cancer patients.

Once a physician anesthesiologist becomes seasoned through preoperative consultations, they develop extensive knowledge about emergency scenarios in the operating room and how to effectively correct those problems.

One patient shares her testimony of a live-saving preoperative consultation given by her physician anesthesiologist. During her pregnancy, the patient’s physician anesthesiologist gave her a plan for delivery of her baby and plans of action for any emergency scenarios. When she developed complications, the decision was made to deliver early. Once her child was born, the patient then developed an amniotic fluid embolism. This is a rare obstetric emergency in which it is postulated that amniotic fluid, fetal cells, hair, or other debris enter the maternal circulation, causing cardiorespiratory collapse. But, as a result of the careful preparation and planning taken by the physician anesthesiologist, the mother was saved in an otherwise unlikely case.

When seconds count, physician anesthesiologists save lives.

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