Anesthesia Analytics Will Lead Health Care Organizations in the Survival of the Fittest Pursuit

Airlines do a great deal of work to prepare for their users: training pilots, flight crews and support staff; acquiring and maintaining equipment; and developing and rehearsing checklists and procedures. But only so much can be done ahead of time. As a particular plane travels toward its destination, the pilot needs to stay informed about the plane’s current status and the current surrounding conditions, and also needs to be apprised about possible emerging complications, such as storms or airport closures, so that he or she can make appropriate adjustments and improve the overall outcome. Those alerts need to be personalized — your pilot needs to know what’s relevant right now for your plane specifically, not just what’s important for any plane at any time.
Just as pilots use information to anticipate emerging complications, today’s savvy healthcare providers realize that analytic tools provide undeniably effective data needed to raise the level of care they give to their patients. Analytics are a key ingredient to improving health care, streamlining workflow and reducing costs. Health care providers that learn to properly gather data regarding patient care and to interpret that data will be able surpass other providers and become not only survivalists in the field but rather the fittest organizations in their field.

AnesthesiaOS was developed by anesthesiologists with a combined twenty plus years of clinical experience to help lead those in pursuit to be among the fittest healthcare providers.  As MIR’s flagship product, AnesthesiaOS™, is the only triple platform electronic medical record (EMR) formulated for speed, intuitiveness, and mobility. It can be utilized to perform operating room cases via a web portal, iPad, or Windows Surface Pro Tablet. Anesthesia OS provides EMR enhancements and improvements in such areas as clinical documentation, charge capture, and data informatics. Because AnesthesiaOS captures real-time, accurate and relevant data by interfacing with anesthesia monitors and machines, it can provide the insight to improve workflow and outcomes. AnesthesiaOS is the tool used by anesthesiologists who desire to be the fittest providers in their field.

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