Medical Information Records, LLC (MIR) is a holding company that wholly owns an anesthesia related software known as AnesthesiaOS™ and a (50%) interest in a subsidiary known as HealthOS.

AnesthesiaOSTM is a cloud-based modular electronic health record (EHR) solution that brings advanced analytics and machine learning to the operating room.

HealthOS’ flagship product is PainCareOS.  PainCareOS was developed by a pain management team focused on tracking information for busy pain centers and hospitals.  PainCareOS provides the ability to keep up with large amounts of information using existing office computers, tablets and/or mobile devices, all which are protected by a secure internet portal.

MIR was founded on the core values of accountability, commitment, diversity, innovation, integrity and collaboration and integrates those principles into all of its products and services.

Executive Team


As Chief Executive Officer of MIR, Mr. Terrence Ray oversees all of MIR activities.  From an operational and organizational standpoint, Mr. Ray is responsible for developing and implementing MIR’s standards and controls, systems and procedures.  In addition, Mr. Ray uses his prior experience as a CPA to oversee the fiscal activities of the organization including budgeting, reporting and auditing. Notwithstanding his operational and fiscal obligations, Mr. Ray effectively initiates, develops, and maintains cooperative relationships and serves as a chief spokesperson for MIR, assuring proper representation of MIR while advancing the core values of the Company which are accountability, commitment, diversity, innovation, integrity and collaboration. Mr. Ray received a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from Texas Lutheran University.


As MIR’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Christopher Ray oversees all technology services, product analysis, and software design and development activities at MIR.  In that capacity, Dr. Ray leads the development team which is tasked with identifying, developing and leveraging technology to improve the point of care for patients, improve workflow, and management of clinical data.   As a practicing anesthesiologist for over 10 years and co-developer of MIR’s flagship product, AnesthesiaOS™, Dr. Ray has a keen understanding of the medical profession and extensive knowledge of new emerging technologies and the role technology plays in creating solutions that aide in enhancing the quality of patient care and the point of care.  In addition, Dr. Ray also co-founded Ambulatory Medical Associates, which is an anesthesia service company that offers specialized sedation in gynecology, pain management, gastrointestinal disease and plastic surgery.  Dr. Ray earned his M.D. and completed residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, TX.


As MIR’s General Counsel, Mr. Stephen Mendel oversees all corporate, strategic and tactical legal initiatives. In that capacity, Mr. Mendel is directly involved with complex business transactions and also negotiates critical contracts while providing Company leadership with effective advice on company strategies and their implementation.   Mr. Mendel is owner of the Mendel Law Firm, L.P. and has over 25 years of legal experience in commercial litigation; corporate guidance and operational planning; corporate contract preparation, review, and negotiation; employment law; planning and formation of partnerships, joint ventures, limited liability companies, and corporations; real estate acquisition and development and asset protection.  Mr. Mendel received a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin and his Juris Doctorate from South Texas College of Law.


As MIR’s Chief Performance Officer, Mrs. Nannette Ray is responsible for measuring, managing and improving overall performance of the organization. Mrs. Ray works with the executive team to set performance goals based on market knowledge and the objectives set out in MIR’s strategic plan and aligned with MIR’s vision to change the practice of medicine. Mrs. Ray successfully ran successful companies and will utilize this knowledge to successfully perform as Chief Performance Officer. She has an undergraduate degree in Accounting and Information Systems from the University of Texas at San Antonio and holds an MBA Degree in Finance from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas.